A grassroots giving circle for SW Pennsylvania


Our Mission: To alleviate hunger for the children of SW Pennsylvania by pooling our resources to provide meaningful grants to local organizations engaged in meeting these needs.


The Need:  Not every child in Pennsylvania faces the bright future we wish for all children, everywhere.

According to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, over 500,000 children in Pennsylvania are food insecure. This means that about 20% of Pennsylvania’s children do not have reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

Children who experience hunger as toddlers are over three times more likely to be obese at age 4. Hungry children are sick more often, miss more days of school, are more likely to repeat a grade and more likely to be suspended. Poor nutrition and food insecurity in today’s children will have long term effects not only on their health, but on society as a whole.

Now, imagine a child you love going to school hungry, or to bed hungry, or both.  Then join Giving2Grow and help us find—and fund—solutions to childhood hunger and poor nutrition in our communities.


In our first 5 years, Giving2Grow has donated over $170,000 to 12 local non-profits!

What is a Giving Circle?


Giving circles are groups of individuals who pool their money and decide together who to grant it to. They are often formed by friends or like-minded individuals as a way to be more engaged in the giving process and to increase their knowledge of philanthropy, nonprofits and the needs in their community.

There are giving circles across the country, ranging from small groups of friends raising $100 around the kitchen table to high-powered groups with annual membership fees of over $10,000. As far as we know, Giving2Grow is the first grassroots giving circle in the Pittsburgh area!

When you join Giving2Grow, you join an ever-widening circle of women who are able to do collectively what none of us could achieve individually.

How Does it Work?


Each member annually donates $500 to Giving2Grow. The money is pooled and granted each year to organizations that serve our mission. Each donating member casts an equal vote as to which organizations receive the money. The membership/grant cycle is repeated annually.

It’s simple, transparent, and effective.

For example: With 100 women giving $500 each, Giving2Grow could grant up to $50,000(!) to local non-profit groups that address child hunger in Western Pennsylvania.

Giving2Grow operating expenses—website fees, office/mailing supplies, meeting expenses, etc.–will also be handled in an efficient and transparent manner.

Giving2Grow, Inc. was formed as a Pennsylvania Non-profit Corporation and it has also received qualified charitable status under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The charitable status applies retroactively to the formation of G2G on September 17, 2013.  One hundred percent (100%) of all contributions and membership dues paid since its formation in 2013 qualify as tax deductible.