On May 14, the three 2018 Giving2Grow grantees presented stories about their work to our membership. Presenters included Steve DelVitto from Feed Our Students, Cheryl Densmore from Whitehall Presbyterian Church’s Food4Kids, and Cheri Pogue from the United Methodist Church Union Kids Meal Network.

We learned so much from our presenters about the very real food insecurities that are part of the lives of many Pittsburgh children. Here is what their organizations are doing to help. Many of the children who depend on free school lunches during the school year for a major meal are provided with hot meals during summer months by the Kids Meal Network. Feed Our Students and Food4Kids both put together bags of food for children to take home for weekend nourishment.

Cheryl, Cheri, and Steve also discussed some of the factors that associated with food insecurity, including declining public funds, unemployment and financial challenges, refugee status, and poor access to groceries.

Finally, they spoke about the willingness of many school students, community members, corporations, and other organizations to participate in their activities that address food insecurity among children.

We are grateful for the work of our grantees. The food provided boosts the children’s abilities to grow, learn, play, and socialize as all children should be able to do.

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