We at Giving2Grow hope that all of you are well. We have been in touch with the organizations that received our 2019 grants – generous people on the front lines of making sure that kids have food. The virus situation has had ripple effects for these organizations, many of which have in the past provided food face-to-face with children and youth.

Understandably, this is not possible in these times that require social and physical distancing. So some of our grantees have had to pause their work for now. Others have found additional ways to serve their populations. All remain committed to alleviating hunger and food insecurity among children and youth.

Giving2Grow is adapting as well. Following are plans for moving forward in 2020 – edited 4/22/20.

First, we will not be having our annual meeting on May 11 as planned; this is when we typically gather with our grantees to hear about their work. We will be in touch about a new date for the annual meeting.

Second, the G2G Board believes that the need for support for organizations that are addressing food insecurity among kids and families in the region is more acute than ever. We will proceed with our 2020 grant application process; applications are due August 15.  Again, stay tuned for updates.

In the meantime, please enjoy this delightful “Breakfast” music video made by children and teens at the Oasis Project of the Bible Center Church.